Terms / Policy


This agreement is between Roundbrand ltd here after called "the Company"and the purchaser or customer.

The manufacturing of the product is limited to that specifically mentioned on the order form. Verbal agreements are of no effect unless shown on the order form under comments. Any variation from the original agreement will be chargeable or refundable due to change. The company reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time. The quoted price on the order form assumes that all details are correct and complete and therefore any changes will be chargeable.

Any variations to these conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between parties) shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by the company.

Delivery dates given by the company are a guide only and time shall not be the initial essence on the company's part. The company will give a date when the products are manufactured, but this may be affected by unforeseen problems arising out of the manufacturing process. Customers will be informed of delays. The customer agrees to collect or have the goods delivered on the date arranged and will make full and final payment for all goods received. If the goods remain within the factory for more than 7 days the company has the right to charge a reasonable fee for storage.

All goods shall remain the property of the company until they are paid for in full by the customer.

The customer acknowledges that condensation is dependant upon a number of variable factors, some of which may be favourably affected by the installation of double glazing and some of which may not, therefore the company does not guarantee that the customers installation of the double glazed units will affect the incidence of condensation.

The company cannot be held responsible for the imperfections caused by the manufacturing process of glass nor for any breakage of glass once installed. Any imperfections in the glass that cannot be seen from a distance of 2 meters as per the glass and glazing federation guidelines are deemed acceptable.

The styles on the order form are viewed from the outside.

It is recommended that frames supplied by the company should be cleaned with warm soapy water at regular intervals (generally not exceeding two months). Hardware (hinges handles etc) should be oiled not less than once each year. Failure to carry out these points will be affect the guarantee.

The company guarantees the PVCu frames against rotting, warping, peeling, fading and flaking for 10 years from that date stated on the order form. All hardware is guaranteed for 1 year against defective manufacture, and the sealed units are guaranteed for 5 years against the seal breaking down resulting in internal condensation. Any leadwork, motifs or bevels are only guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase, against peeling lead, lead or film discoloration or lifting of bevels. Any of these guarantees are invalidated if the materials have been misused, abused or neglected, or full payment has not been made. Our guarantee is limited to the value of any frames proven to be faulty plus reasonable costs incurred in installation of the replacement window or poor, consequential losses are specifically excluded. The guarantee commences from the date of despatch from the company to the customer of the relevant order. This guarantee does not apply to: 1.normal wears and tears during the 10 year guarantee 2. Any materials or components incorrectly assembled or installed 3. Any materials or components which have not been maintained in accordance with recommended maintenance procedures 4. Any materials or components which have been subject to accidental damage, damaagely misuse or which have been damaged during assembly or installation 5. All woodgrain effect products which are subject to a separate 5 year guarantee. Not including full door panels. The customer shall not be entitled to any benefit under the guarantee unless written notice is given by the customer to the company promptly after relevant defect is discovered by the user thereod, including (relevant invoice number as proof of date of purchase). Please note our guarantees are to the purchaser only. The Company will NOT pay the cost of any additional work or labour required to install replacement items. We do not guarantee the finish of handles or letterboxes after 1 year.

11. Contract
Excludes any liability for indirect or consequential loss. No Liability will be accepted by the company for any product installed with what is deemed as the incorrect specification. The company has to be notified in writing prior to any installation of said product. It is the customers responsibility to check that the specification,( I.E ) Colour, Size, design is correct before allowing the product to be fitted.

All service engineer call outs will only be booked via THE PURCHASER of the goods, NOT THE THIRD PARTY in receipt of the goods. The purchaser of the goods must be PRESENT at the visit, and any faults determined to be down to the fitting, and not the manufacturer or supply will not be undertaken by our engineer. Visits will be terminated if the purchaser is not present. Further terms and conditions regarding this clause are available on request.

The customer has the right to cancel this agreement at any time provided that the frames, glass and panels have not gone into production. If this is the case the company shall endeavour to stop the production process and only charge the customer a reasonable amount for what has been manufactured.

Nothing in these terms affects the Customer Statutory Rights

It is agreed and understood between both parties (the customer and the company) that if an order form is completed by a member of staff on behalf of the customer that no liability or responsibility shall fall on the company or that member of staff for the production of the goods. This remains entirely with the customer and therefore any rectification or further manufacture will be chargeable to the customer at full cost. In this instance it is vary important that you check and double check the order if you have allowed someone else to complete it on your behalf. By signing the order form you are complying with the terms set out above.

25% deposit and balance to be paid in full (cleared funds) prior to delivery or collection. Credit or finance can only be allowed to approved customers prior to the placing of any order.